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Company Policies

Return and Warrantee Policies

There is no return on prints or frames unless there is a flaw, fading or cracking in the materials or workmanship of the print or frame itself at which time, upon the discretion of management, will repair or replace the print or frame. Any return of artwork must be approved prior to shipment to Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions in writing and must be sent back with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number that will be provided in response e-mail.

Labor for the repair or replacement of prints or frames will be free of charge provided that it is determined that the materials or workmanship does not live up to the quality standards of Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions. Any damage caused by broken glass (other then in the initial shipment of the artwork) or misuse of the artwork itself will not be covered under our warrantee policies. Shipping of repairable goods to Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions will provide return shipping at its own expense.

Delivery Time and Methods

Because much of the artwork is limited editions, the manufacturing process can sometimes take up to 10 days. Upon completion, the artwork will be carefully packaged and sent out using one of the following. United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service or Fed Ex Home Delivery. All deliveries will require a signature authorization and will not be delivered to a Post Office Box.

Privacy Statement

Privacy is taken very seriously at Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions. Any information provided regarding name, address, phone number, etc… will never be shared with anyone outside of the partnership circle of Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions participating companies which may included manufacturing, design, advertising or any other departments or companies which Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions conducts business with.

Although never intended to happen, Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions will not be held responsible for any contracted company’s use of the above information outside of the realms of business with Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions.

Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions artwork is shipped throughout the world; Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions has no control over customs authorities for the U.S. or any other country. All financial transactions are to be made in U.S. Dollars only. All credit card information provided over the Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions website will only be used in a secured manner and will never be shared with anyone other then the proper intended financial institutions which Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions associates itself with for the payment of product purchases only.

The company name (Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions), web design and all images carry a trademark or copyright and are the sole property of Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions. Any artwork, images, web content or any other information in regards to Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions may not be sold, reproduced or used without the express written permission of Jerrold Goldberg Artistic Impressions.

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